Friday 3 August 2012


The News in Brief.

  • Earlier in the week Facebook was challenged over a small start up claiming that there was a 5:1 ratio of bot advert clicks to real user clicks on their analytics. Facebook unsurprisingly has struggled to recreated the same data, that'll take a couple more dollars off the stock price!
  • Apple vs Samsung continues and now Apple are scared. Not of losing the case, instead they are very concerned that Samsung will leak 'sensitive' information regarding iDevices sales numbers, profits and customer feedback. Apple has asked the Judge to ensure the information stays confidential. We'll let you know how this one turns out. But, Apple's past claims for Samsung to be punished for leaking their banned evidence the other day resulted in no discipline yet and the court action will continue!
  • HTC have issued a warning today; you should expect up to 23% dive in revenue in Q3 if you're a shareholder. The company is still finding it difficult to compete with Apple and Samsung and HTC have been withdrawing from loss-making markets such as Brazil and South Korea, fingers crossed fortunes will change soon!
  • The world's most famous Custom ROM, CyanogenMod has announced that they won't be supporting devices with Snapdragon S1 processors, such as the HTC Nexus One. The reasons are not to do with the processor but more the internal storage, or rather the lack of it in this bunch of devices so unfortunately you guys will be stuck with Android 2.3.7 through CyanogenMod 7.2.


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