Wednesday 1 August 2012


Nexus 7 gets a good set of accessories.

   By now many of you hardcore techies will be rocking Google's latest and greatest, the Nexus 7. But, until now, there has been a distinct lack of accessories, something both Asus and Google has been keen to change.

   The UK retailer, MobileFun, has said the arrival of a host of extras is imminent and the options are looking good!

   There's the rotating case (right) which will set you back £27.95 ($44), while the non-rotating counterpart will be £22.95 ($36). The folio case will be £39.99 ($62) and the top of the range Bluetooth keyboard case will be £79.95 ($125). And an official screen protector will set you back £14.95 ($23). All in all, a great range of options for a great device!

In other news:

  • Apple has been reported to be the world's biggest computer shipper again. But their numbers are somewhat skewed by the inclusion of iPad's in that category. But, a great achievement nonetheless.
  • On the contrary analysts have predicted Microsoft's Surface tablets will sink when they arrive later in the year. Cost and lack of a 'wow factor' have been cited as the main reasons.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has managed to avoid Apple's injunction in the USA and will stay on sale!
  • The Japanese mobile tech giants have joined forces to take on Qualcomm and TI in developing wirelessly-enabled smartphone and tablet chipsets. The group involves Fujitsu, NTT DoCoMo, NEC and Fujitsu Semiconductor have created 'Access Network Technology Limited'. The new partnership promises "industry-leading communications platform products" and they aim to reduce the reliance on foreign-made wireless components.
  • Raspberry Pi, the little device designed specifically for hacking, has received a port of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This is great news for those planning to run a home sound system or something similar off of the device. As well as this ICS is a great foundation so we can expect Jelly Bean will be up and running in no time!
  • 1 million people signed up to Microsoft's new email service in under 6 hours! It'll be interesting to see whether the number of constant users remains as high.
  • HP has said OpenWebOS will not be coming to current devices because it needs a processor that supports Linux Kernel version 3.3. Fear not Pheonix and other WebOS groups are on the case!
  • TAT founder abandons RIM well before BlackBerry 10 launches, deciding to opt for more start ups instead of sticking with RIM.

And finally, do you want to see the evidence Samsung was blocked from using in their current court case with Apple. Judge Koh blocked the company using it as evidence, so instead Sammy released the evidence to the press to show how they didn't copy the iPhone and how 'fundamental fairness' had been ignored in stopping this bit of evidence coming to court. We think the image speaks for itself even if both the Judge and Apple are annoyed now!


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