Monday 3 June 2013

Microsoft looking to cut Windows RT license prices as Acer call the platform 'very immature'?

   A report from Bloomberg today is claiming that Microsoft are looking at reducing the price of Windows RT licenses to boost the appeal of the platform to OEMs. The cuts are supposedly aimed at getting companies like HP to pick up the platform instead of opting for Google's free Android offering on tablets.

   Obviously this is an issue for Microsoft at the moment because they want their RT platform to be successful, but there's very few apps and it's not a particularly compelling platform at the moment because you can't utilise Microsoft's legacy Windows 8 apps!

   Indeed, Acer's J T Wang called Windows RT platform 'very immature' and as such said that:
"We have some R&D projects, but we will be very, very cautious in deciding whether we will do the launch and mass production."
It's probably fair to say that this is how the majority of OEMs are feeling when it comes to Windows RT! We'll have to wait and see whether there is a future for the platform., we think there is, but they'll need to do something about the apps, because this is seemingly a huge factor when people choose which operating system to go with!
Via TheVerge.


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