Sunday 2 June 2013

HTC One Android 4.2.2 update set to bring new refinements to Sense 5.0!

   Despite creating a stunning looking phone when they announced the HTC One, the Taiwanese company left a few people disappointed when they brought the device to market with only Android 4.1.2, whereas their biggest rival, Samsung's Galaxy S4, arrive with Android 4.2.2 on board.

   HTC promised a swift update to the phone and it seems that the update is well under way  and today we have some news on what the update is set to bring to the table. Accoring to some screen grabs from AndroidRevolutionHD there will be Android 4.2.2, but Sense 5.0 will have a few changes made to it to give people what they've wanted. Perhaps the most popular addition will be the battery percentage indicator which is in the middle of the screen grabs below. Reports are say though that there will be a whole host of new quick settings, a new long-press-for-menu on the capacitive home button, something called Android Daydream, and some new changes and customisations to the app drawer.

   At the moment we're not sure when these features will land on your lovely new smartphone, but with reports of Android 4.3 just around the corner, HTC had better get a wriggle on!
Via AndroidRevolutionHD.

Click to enlarge.


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