Thursday 24 January 2013

Tech does make you sexy! Just don't live in your social networks, they're bad for you!

Image Credit: Currys.

   Wow, who would have thought it? It seems that sometimes it does pay to be a little bit geeky! According to a new study from (you'll probably know them for making computer components) if you know how to upgrade computer hardware you might be that little bit hotter than the guy who knows his way around a car engine!

   Apparently those dudes who really know their stuff are new “Techno-sexuals” and nearly "two-thirds (59%) of women surveyed said they most admire guys who have the ability to improve their hardware. This compares to a lesser 49% who love a bloke who can tinker under the car bonnet!". Crucial explained this surprising finding by saying:

"Heroes today are becoming more Mark Zuckerberg than Jeremy Clarkson, as our busy lives become increasingly dominated by our use of technology"
Roddy McLean, a computer upgrade expert from

   Seemingly some amongst us actually realised that knowing your way around a computer helps because "nearly 40% of men admitted to having exaggerated about their tech know-how credentials, including their ability to mend and upgrade gadgets, computers and laptops in an attempt to impress the fairer sex."

   Now this is a small study, there were 2,000 participants and slightly more than half were ladies, but that doesn't mean that a whopping 81% of respondents said that their laptop or computer had performed poorly! This means that there is a huge proportion of the female population just waiting to be impressed! We're not saying you head to your nearest library and look for the ladies who are hitting their computer in frustration, but perhaps a cheeky mention of the need to upgrade their RAM might just convince them to go on a date with you!

   If you're already in the know then you're a lucky one and people probably envy you! As our daily lives become more dependent on technology it seems that nearly 60% of us would rather be competent with computers and phones than we would with cars, music, fashion and even sport!

   But, remember research shows that if you spend too much time on your social networks you start getting envious because everything seems so perfect in other people's lives. Trust us, it's not and don't forget to leave your phone in your pocket when you're out at meals, it negatively affects "closeness, connections and conversational quality!"

The press release is available here!


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