Sunday 6 January 2013

3D OUYA rumours and if you've pre-ordered an OUYA? Here's a glimpse of what to expect!


   It seems like an age ago that we pledged our money to the OUYA cause in August of last year! So without any OUYA's in consumers hands it seems the company is planning for the future, as Pocketlint have today reported that there is a 3D-compatible version of the OUYA in development, which will bring stereoscopic gaming to those who want it!

   But, what most of you will want to see is what the devs have been up to since they received their consoles last week! Here we are folks there's a whole bunch of previews! (Yeah we know it's not as good as the real thing!) One member over on Reddit has decided to create a post where the community could gather together all the videos of OUYA gameplay so we can have a sneaky peek at what we will have in our hands in a couple of months time and we must say we're mighty impressed with what we've seen, especially as some of these aren't even official ports!

   At the moment we have these videos, of varying length, to peruse:

The Secret of Universe Alpha - 6:18
Zombie Dash & Banzai Blowfish - 2:07 (Separate apps, same video)
Sonic 4: Episode II - 3:06 (unofficial)
Roasty Rooster - 3:01
Onlive - 3:42
Mupen64Plus - Super Mario 64 (Emulator) - 10:03
SuperGNES - Street Fighter II (Emulator) - 0:52
Deadly Dungeons - 17:16 (unofficial)
Super Daddio 2 - 3:28
Splat - 0:41
Legacy of Barubash - 2:01
Where's My Water? - 4:37 (unofficial)
Tiny Hawk - 2:12
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - 4:10 (unofficial)
Striker Soccer Euro 2012 - 0:31

   Just in case any more are added to the list after we post this then you can find the full list here! And if you haven't ordered your OUYA and you want to receive it, probably some time in April, then you can either wait until the devices are on general sale and order from Amazon in the USA or you can pre-order direct from OUYA no matter where you are, although you do have to add an extra $20 for shipping if you're outside the US!

Via Pocketlint and Twitter.


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