Sunday 6 January 2013

A first glimpse of the Sony Xperia Z!

   We're just about to shut the doors and batten down the hatches for the night here at TheTechFront, but just before we do there's just about enough time to give you a quick look at Sony's brand new Xperia Z! 

   The device has been spotted on the CES showroom floor a little before it was meant to have been, but nonetheless here it is! We've heard a lot about the 'Yuga' or Xperia Z, but unfortunately we don't have any more news on what the internals are just yet! From the look of this picture that 5" 1080p screen is very believable! Sony has promised us that:
"In just three days we will introduce something extraordinary to the world and we can't wait to show you what it can do. Stay tuned for more..." Via XperiaBlog.
 So naturally we'll have some more details in the coming days as Sony kick off their announcements, which judging by a tweet from them, are also rather extensive!

Via Engadget.


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