Wednesday 25 January 2012


O2 sends out your number?
   Ohhh dear, here's another telecommunications blunder, just incase Carrier IQ wasn't already a bad enough start to the year. It seems like O2 UK has a bit of an issue; every phone page you visit has been sent your mobile phone number, yes your mobile phone number so they could in theory have handed out your telephone number hundreds or thousands of times during your contract. 
   [edit] O2 has issued some statements and said that the problem has only been around since the 10th of January and was caused by routine maintenance, but apparently the hole is now patched and O2 has kindly reported itself to OFCOM, before anyone else got the chance I suspect.

Nokia S40 sells 1.5billion phones.
   So amid all the doom and gloom surrounding Nokia at the moment, they don't seem to be doing all that badly with their S40 series of mobile phones. Granted these aren't the hugely expensive profit making phones but since 1999 that is an incredible amount of sales nonetheless. If only Nokia could start shifting their Lumia series at that rate they'd be laughing.

ZTE V9A Light Tab 2 tablet announced.
   ZTE is trying to get into the tablet game like every other android manufacturer and this incredibly awkwardly named creation is their latest offering. The Light Tab features a solid 7" screen twinned with a huge 3400MaH battery. The thing is powered by a 1.4Ghz single core processor and disappointingly runs android 2.3. But, on the plus sides there's two cameras; one a 3.2MP shooter and the other a 0.3MP snapper presumably just for video calls and the whole thing is 12.6mm thick.
   The whole package will be available from Clove at the end of February and will set you back £234.99, which given the incoming Asus MeMO maybe doesn't look like such a great deal. Hopefully next time ZTE can come up with something a teeny bit more inspiring.


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