Tuesday 24 January 2012


Uh-uh RIM shares down 8% today.
   It seems that RIM investors weren't too impressed with yesterdays appointment of Thorsten Heins with the shares starting 8% lower this morning. It's not nice to see a big company like RIM in this kind of predicament, but they need to do something quickly. Maybe rekindle some rumours of a buyout by a big company? Last time Samsung were rumoured to be considering a take over RIM's shares spiked by 10%. Come on Thorsten work some of your German industrial magic!

The MegaUpload effect.
   There's been a lot of goings on today as the impact of the MegaUpload shut down reverberates around the interwebs a bit. Yesterday evening FileSonic stopped downloads from it's site unless you uploaded that file, Fileserve has done the same as Filesonic and Uploaded.to has decided it best to block Americans from downloading from it's site. Well it does appear that maybe these three have something to hide? Well they obviously know they do, but at least they're playing it safe until the heat dissipates a bit which sounds like a good plan. Hopefully Zshare, Mediafire and the like will keep their services up and running. 
   Slashgear has also been running an interesting story today suggesting that the American government was pushed into action by Universal because Megaupload was planning to announce its on DIY record label. IF there's any truth in that then that does raise some serious concerns over the power of music labels especially if they were threatened by the potential of MegaBox (search it it's an interesting concept).

Nokia: Good stats and a new phone.
Nokia Lumia 900
   Nokia might finally have a small amount to smile about the word on the web today is that Nokia has a 47% share of windows phones second generation devices. So that probable works out to being half of half of 1% of phone sales (1/2 windows phone sales, but only second gen ones and windows phone has ~1% marketshare) so by my very sketchy maths that works out to be 0.25% of all smartphone sales. Not amazing but it's a start.
   The other big news is that The Carphone Warehouse may have jumped the gun a bit on the announcement of the Nokai Lumia 900, that we saw go to AT&T in the states equipped with LTE. They've posted it up as arriving in June, so a bit of a wait and there may well be some more competition arriving at MWC at the end of February but at least Nokia is announcing phones and trying to go somewhere.

iOS 5 Jailbreaks and Apple vs Samsung.
   Apple fans of the world unite, your developers have allowed you to lose your chains. Ok rubbish reworked Marxist quotes aside, the iPhone dev team have announced some pretty huge numbers for their first three days online:
  • 491,325 new iPhone4,1 devices
  • 308,967 new iPad2 devices
  • 152,940 previously jailbroken (at 4.x) iPad2 devices
   Nearly a million jailbreaks in 3 days, pretty good going something makes me think there were a few people waiting on that.
   While we're on the subject of Apple, there's been a result announced in this on going you copied us, no you copied us mess. The Dutch court in the Hague has made it's decision that The Samsung Galaxy Tab is not too much like the iPad and is free to be sold. Huraah! The reason the court added for saying there was no infringement was because Hp Compaq's tc1000 and the 1994 Knightriders concept rendered Apple's patent on tablets very narrow indeed. So there we have it Apple you did not invent the tablet.


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